Our purpose, our goal

We are resolved to spread the message of Gurbani by instilling and enlivening Gurbani within ourselves, by regulating our lives according to the teachings of Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji, by beholding the image of lioness of Sahib Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. We all need to preserve the rich, unique and unparalleled Sikh culture by becoming the guiding light for others. When the inspiring daughters of Sikh kaum will live the message of Gurbani then nobody will point and say that Sikhism is in danger.


It was not long ago, when we too had a life of dignity.

We were the kings of five rivers, masters of crowns,thrones and bravery.

Nobody anticipated their present misery, those who studded gems in their crowns,

Today’s Punjab is that territory of globe where every category – child, youth and old is struggling in their own ways and by their own means, to survive, to save own life. Following are a few barriers that the children of Punjab are forced to face:

  • To make them intellectually handicapped, children are being kept aloof of their mother tongue, Punjabi.
  • To perish the essence of rich and glorious Punjabi culture Youths are pushed away towards the sordid and vulgar ways of life.
  • In order to detach children from Sikhism, the innocent minds are poisoned by developing an aversion for their own religion and mother tongue.
  • To freeze the moral disposition and crumble the character, youngsters are pulled away from Gurbani and ideologies of Sikhism.
  • The broken strength of the youths out of unemployment has dragged them into drug addiction, which has now taken naive children in its fold.
  • Suicide rate in Punjab shows an ascending graph as a result of weak economy in the state.
  • Increasing number of infertile wombs and steriled young men.

Besides this, children are breaking up with the moral values of life, Gurmukhi and Sikh history are under the devastating effects of the contemporary school syllabus and teachings, particularly prepared and carried out with all ill intensions.In addition, there are countless invisible reasons behind the attacks on our unique identity and recognition in the world, placing a question mark on our existence. If the root cause of all the above mentioned problems is taken into consideration then a rescue oriented approach can produce desirable results. If somehow, we manage to cautiously take care of our present generation and infuse deeply, the Sikh principles in the hearts and minds of the next generation so that they master the teachings of Guru Sahibs, then a new Punjab can be expected to emerge with past Sikh glory. Upholding this approach, we have initiated to work on our mission.


Around 7-8 years ago, a Gatka group came into existence which enjoys the honour of first only group of Kaurs (girls) in the world. Interestingly, even in the history of Gatka it happened so, for the first time that a team of girls had established a distinct recognition. The same group in the coming years assumed a form of an organisation which aims to handle the new generation with utmost prudence and carefulness.


By means of hostel facilities, children are geared up to habituatesincerity for Sikh Maryadaby means of its practice in their everyday life, like – Amrit Vella, Ishnan, Simran, Nitnem, recitation of Gurbani shaloks before taking meals, Ardaas, living in gratitude etc. They are made proficient in Gurbani with the help of Santhiya (teaching of right pronunciation, renderingunderstanding of pauses, stress and meaning of text). The regular practice of the same will help them make Gurbani the foundation of their lives.

Sakhis (stories of Guru Sahibs’ and gursikh’s lives) are narrated to make them awareour ownmagnificent culture and Sikh history. Highly learned and experienced teachers are hired to train children in kirtan and various instruments.Efforts are made to provide them world-class training in Gatka (Sikh martial art). Religious literature and books based on the lives of Shaheeds are distributed free of cost.

With the motive to install lofty, exalted and sublime attributes in children and to protect them from prevailing evils in the society, a serene and spiritual ambience is created for them all day long.Special attention is paid on the learning of Punjabi language – reading, writing and spoken.

Core subjects like Maths and Science are given sincere consideration. Equally English speaking is stressed upon to deal with the outside real world. The aim is to construct scientific oriented young brains while keeping them connected with the mother tongue, Punjabi yet they evolve as successful scientists, doctors and engineers.

Computer training is given keeping the level of the syllabus higher than that of the usual school curriculum. Computer education is provided which comprises of hardware and software, networking, video editing and photography.

  • In February, 2012, Kaur Gatka Group participated in Multi-Talent Show which was organised in Hyderabad. The show was airedon majority of the South Indian channels.
  • In July, 2013, a tour to Malaysia was conducted in view of the special invitation made by the sangat of the place.
  • In March and July, 2014, the group participated in one of the famous reality show on Sony Television, ‘Entertainment KeLiyeKuchhBhiKarega’.
  • In August, 2015, the group performed on a song in a film sung by Jaspinder Narula and SatvinderBitti.
  • The group has the honour of winning first place in the State Level School Championship from the last four consecutive years.


In wise people opinion, if a Kaum(community) dreams to strike the apex of progress and prosperity then it must infuse its qualities in their females as the coming generation has to evolve into the world by way of their wombs. AKaum that produces fearless, bold and self-esteemed females, never accepts control and dominance of others. The lack of these qualities in our girls in the present time has made them easy targets of the enemies of the Sikh Kaum. Besides this, numerous choices and opportunities are available for the boys to learn and do different thingsin various arenas, whereas, scopes and opportunities are required to becreated for the girls in the society. If a girl embraces Sikhism whole heartedly then she manages to bring two families (patriarchal and in-laws)in the fold of Sikhi as well.To ensure security, in the present Indian society where girls from minorities are on the target, they can be equipped with right education and training. This is how the coming generation by itself select the path of Sikhi.

We feel important to share necessary information of those girls and their family backgroundthat are living or lived with us. For the families whose existenceis limited to manage the arrangement of meals for two times a dayit is next to impossible thing to care of their studies. We adopt the daughters of such families; render school education to them and train them in Gurbani, Gatka and kirtan.We inspire them to be resolved in Sikhism in terms of Bani and Bana and to get inducted into Khalsa. With the grace of Guru Sahib ji, the girls are Amritdharis now. During the period of 7-8 years we adopted 50 girls who lived with us. With the blessings of Guru Ji, the expenditure of all the girls was managed by our earnings only. At present many girls are joining us and we find it difficult to manage expenses of all. Hence, all our hopes rely on Guru Sahib Ji. At this juncture, we ask for the cooperation and support of sangat, to take upmore children from poor families and make them part of our organisation so that we can achieve the exalted goal. The goal with which we started the organisation and pledged to remain committed. It is our sincere wish that the children, conditioned and fortified here must go into the world and bring glory to Sikhism and genuinely spread its message, wherever they go.


Martial art Gatka is energy and strength loaded exercise, therefore we pay special attention on proper multi-nutritious food for the growing children. We provide dairy products, vegetables and fruits on regular basis. Sweets and special dishes are also listed in the day wise prepared menu. Expenditure on groceries and salary of Langri(cook) isevident. Besides food, school uniform and even dresses to wear at home are also arranged by the organisation. Expenses to hire teachers for Gatka, Kirtan,Santhiya and technical education are self-manifested. Shastra and other accessories for Gatka, instruments for kirtan, school requirements, cost of rented fridge and coolers during summers, the list is endless and so are the expenditures. The health issues and accidental injuries of children are also solely dealt by us.


Unemployment in Punjab is a disease which has made the life of the people miserable. They can’t afford to provide meals to their children while education is unimaginable. We help them access education – religious, academic and technical. Sikh families of humble background out of helplessness accepting Christianity and unintentionally promoting Derawaadin lieu of financial support for living and to educate their children for bright future. With our service we prevent families from chopping the roots of their existence and drifting away from Sikhism. You can support us keeping with the views of Guru Sahib – ‘Garib Da Muh Guru Ki Golak’. We invite your views and suggestions to run the organisation with in a better way.

Translated by Inderdeep Kaur (Phd English)